Public Engagement



Our services will provide consistent and continuous interactions that facilitates collaborative relationships; which is smart, transformative, inclusive, diverse and open. 


Will be recognized for excellence as a department where all segments of the community are vital parts of building an inclusive, innovative and just city. 


Annual Events

The City sponsors several annual events for the community such as the the Black History Month Program, Seat Pleasant Day and the Veteran’s Day program. 


Parks, Trails, and Activity Center

There are also several parks and a historic trail for residents to enjoy as well as the Seat Pleasant Activity Center for recreational activities. 

  • Goodwin Park (located off of Addison Road)
  • Seat Pleasant Heights Neighborhood mini-park (located between 70th Pl. & 70th St.)
  • Seat Pleasant Neighborhood Park-Holly Park/Birchleaf Park (located at 801 Birchleaf Ave.)
  • Seat Pleasant Neighborhood Park/School (5900 Martin Luther King, Jr. Hwy.)
  • Chesapeake Trail (between Martin Luther King, Jr. Hwy and Addison Plaza)
  • Seat Pleasant Activity Center (5720 Addison Road)


Staff Directory

Sharron Lipford

Director of Public Engagement


Physical Address
6301 Addison Road
Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

Phone 301-336-2600
Fax 301-336-0029


Monday- Friday
9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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