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Project Manager-Department of Economic Development

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The City of Seat Pleasant is now accepting resumes for the position of Project Manager-Department of Economic Development. Read the description below and follow the steps to apply. 

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Assists the Economic Development Director in the management and planning of a variety of Economic Development Projects.


As a contractual employee in this classification the Programs Administrator is primarily concerned with providing:

* Technical expertise to ensure vendor compliance with contracts, plans, and agreed-upon specifications for capital projects.

* Time management skills when working directly under the general direction of the Economic Development Director.

* Leadership skills in interacting well with people involved in the City’s projects on all different levels.


* Perform fundamental and technical research for the Economic Development Director.

* Plans, oversees and documents all aspects of such projects including but not limited to the following:

  • -Housing Trust Fund

  • -Smart Buy Program

  • -Seat Pleasant Investment Corporation Entity

  • -Seat Economic Development Corporation

  • -United States Department of Agriculture Loan

  • * Coordinates the work of contractors and other interested parties dealing with the City’s new economic development projects.

    * Monitors closely the progress of work performed by contractors.

    * Assists with the analysis, defining of the project scope, writing of specifications of assigned capital projects.

    * Sets-up and holds meetings with contractors.

    * Assists the Economic Development Director in negotiating terms and conditions of contracts.

    * Reviews plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates prepared by an outside contractor, including review with various governmental levels as appropriate.

    * Participates in the bidding process for City projects which includes advertising for bid, evaluation, recommendations of the award and issuing a notice of award to contractors.

    * Monitors capital improvements construction activities such as change orders and pay estimates within the scope of authority.

    * Develops a schedule of capital improvement construction projects in relation to specific job tasks; ensures contractor compliance with established schedules accordingly.

    * Reviews and prepares records and reports on operations and project activities.

    * Performs related tasks as required.


    * Ability to use the Internet to communicate with contractors.

    * Ability to deliver quality projects on time and within budgets.

    * Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

    * Ability to present projects in a public forum.

    * Ability to develop and manage project scheduling and budgets from inception to completion.

    * Ability to assist the Economic Development Director in effectively conducting negotiations with current and perspective contractors.


    Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with course work emphasis in Business Administration, or related field; two (2) to five (5) years of experience in the field of capital projects management; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.


    * Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word.

    * Hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels.

    * Visual acuity is required for preparing and analyzing written or computer data, visual inspection involving small defects and/or small parts, operation of machines, operation of motor vehicles or equipment, determining the accuracy and thoroughness of work, and observing general surroundings and activities.

    * The worker is subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, noise, and hazards.


    An employee in this classification is subject to random drug and alcohol testing pursuant to the City of Seat Pleasant's Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures. Possession of an appropriate valid driver's license