2020 Seat Pleasant Day Registration

Jan 3, 2020

Step 1- Participation Request Form

2020 Seat Pleasant Day

Seat Pleasant Day is a cherished event within our community. Every year we do our best to ensure that each Seat Pleasant Day promises to be bigger and better than those before it! We want to thank our many partnered vendors that we’ve worked with over the years, as without them, Seat Pleasant Day wouldn’t be possible. We are preparing for the 2020 Seat Pleasant Day and would like to welcome you to register.

To Register as a Vendor, Apply Here

Vendor Application

Registration Fee: $140

To Apply as a Parade Participant, Apply Here:

Parade Participation Application

Go to Step 2 (Below)

Step 2- Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming be a Seat Pleasant Day 2020 Early Bird Vendor. We look forward to working with you during the 2020 Seat Pleasant Day!

Follow the steps below to continue registration:

Step 1: Click the button below to get started.

Step 2: In the provided spaces fill in your business information.

Note: In PAYMENT TYPE select “Miscellaneous”


Step 3: Place your business name along with Seat Pleasant Day 2020 Vendor in the NOTES section.

Example: “Chicken&Pork- Seat Pleasant Day 2020 Vendor”

Step 4: Select CONTINUE

Step 5: On the “Is this information correct?” page please review your inputted information to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and the notes section reflect the correct format as highlighted above.

Step 6: Select CONTINUE

Step 7: On the “Enter Payment Amount” page filled in the space provided with $140 (the fee to be a 2020 vendor)

Step 8: Select CONTINUE

Step 9: On the “Enter Payment Method” page select the card type that you are using.

Note: For MasterCard and Visa you will be prompted to determine if you are using a Credit Card or Debit/ Prepaid Debit Card.

Step 10: On the “Now we need your card information” page fill in all the require* fields and select the two small boxes at the bottom. Then click “PROCESS PAYMENT”


Begin Registration


Interested in becoming a sponsor? download our sponsorship package below to get started.