March 22, 2020 (Seat Pleasant, Md.) 

The City of Seat Pleasant: A Smart City of Excellence, located on the Maryland border of Washington, DC, is proud to announce the City has been selected by EagleForce, and Freedman’s Health to launch their nationwide disease surveillance and chronic disease management Telehealth and remote patient monitoring system.  EagleForce Health has current contracts with Amazon and Sprint to support their robust telehealth and remote patient monitoring system.  EagleForce will leverage their current National contracts, with Amazon and Sprint, to facilitate the implementation of the model beginning in Seat Pleasant, MD with the goal of making the system available to communities throughout Maryland and across the United States.   

The system will screen and monitor for disease outbreaks and enable the expansion of telehealth management of chronic medical conditions for persons most at risk of COVID-19 mortality. The goal is to provide a coordinated response, through a public-private partnership, to deliver advanced medical technology, disease management capability, and remote monitoring data that can be shared with public health agencies and social service organizations in our region.  The COVID-19 emergency has laid bare the challenges with healthcare access for our most vulnerable.  The digital divide further threatens to limit access and isolate whole communities.  EagleForce Health has amassed National partners, including Amazon and Sprint, to support EagleForce’s state-of-the-art remote monitoring a telehealth platform.  The EagleForce team will empower at-risk communities to bridge the digital divide and deliver state-of-the-art remote monitoring capability to all at-risk persons. 

Currently, remote patient monitoring and telehealth is a current Medicare and Medicaid benefit, which has been expanded under the National Emergency Declaration.  Unfortunately, the digital divide threatens to worsen access for populations that were already adversely impacted by limited access to healthcare resources and higher incidence rates for chronic disease.  Therefore, Seat Pleasant is an ideal community to implement this model of expanded telehealth and remote patient monitoring for high-risk senior populations.  Seat Pleasant will coordinate closely with the Area Agency on Aging and the Local Health Department to ensure that the full capability of the public-private partnership addresses the need of the community in a sustainable manner. 

EagleForce Health’s remote monitoring and telehealth system has a patented backend artificial intelligence system that provides up-to-the-minute population health analytics to identify disease incidence, prevalence, and outbreaks.  The system operates on a technology platform that is supported by a secure Amazon Cloud.  Another key feature of the model is the ability to provide direct telehealth medical services to vulnerable populations even if they do not have broadband access in the home.  The system operates on the Sprint cellular network and is preloaded with the full capacity to deliver both telehealth and remote monitoring services.  This will enable every at-risk resident to receive immediate medical services and remote monitoring for the duration of the emergency, regardless of broadband access in the home.  The EagleForce application also serves as a patient portal that will allow the aggregation of all medical and prescription data so that it will be ongoing health management and population health resource that is available to persons for up to twenty-five (25) years.  

The technological leaders at EagleForce, and Freedman’s Health have committed in-kind resources that have a retail value of over $200 million to support this first-in-the-nation program, which includes up to 300,000 remote monitoring web-enabled tablets, medical monitoring devices, and associated software for those in need in Seat Pleasant and throughout the State of Maryland.  EagleForce and its partners are poised to deploy this model Nationwide.

Seat Pleasant’s existing Smart City system and technological hub made the City a natural choice to launch this cutting-edge, citizen-centric solution to ensure care is being provided to those at greater risk for COVID-19. The EagleForce System will directly interface with the Seat Pleasant Smart City Hub to support data exchange and coordination of city resources to meet the needs of Seat Pleasant residents.  The vast capacity of the EagleForce Platform will be available to expand to serve the needs of older adults beyond Seat Pleasant and throughout Prince George’s County and the entire State of Maryland by providing a robust disease monitoring and Telehealth delivery model to address high-risk seniors and provide the necessary technology tools for low-income persons that do not have internet or technology hardware access.

As a community with a high proportion of low income and vulnerable people, who in addition to being disproportionately affected by health inequalities in addition to the digital divide, Seat Pleasant is excited to announce this partnership that seeks to address all of these issues.

“COVID-19 is a deadly disease that disproportionately impacts Seniors and persons with pre-existing conditions.  Communities must organize in a rapid fashion to protect our most vulnerable residents.  The public-private partnership, with EagleForce, solidifies the City’s and the Nation’s commitment to protect our residents by providing a state-of-the-art disease management system that operates on the secure Amazon Cloud and preloaded with Sprint cellular access.”

Mayor Eugene W. Grant

Seat Pleasant, MD

“We are pleased to empower all communities to protect the most vulnerable with the telehealth and remote monitoring capability that delivers cutting-edge disease management capability to the homes of persons at greatest risk of mortality.  Today we are delivering a solution to close the healthcare digital divide, by providing a secure cloud-based disease surveillance and disease management capability to residents of Seat Pleasant, MD, which can immediately expand Nationwide.”

Stanley Campbell, CEO

EagleForce Health


About The City of Seat Pleasant, MD

The City of Seat Pleasant: A Smart City of Excellence and the World’s First Authentic Small Smart City is a small Maryland city with approximately 4,800 residents. The City was founded in 1931 and began its digital transformation into a Smart City beginning in the Fall of 2016. Seat Pleasant is consistently recognized for its work to digitally transform the government to promote safety, resilience, efficient service delivery, and effective civic engagement, including from IBM and the Smart Cities Council. The City’s guiding principle that the citizen is the most important stakeholder, as well as the strategic partnerships it has forged with private, educational and public institutions, have been the catalyst behind the city’s successful and historic transformation.

For more information on the City of Seat Pleasant, visit us online at or, Twitter @cityofseatpleasant or Facebook at


About EagleForce Health

EagleForce Health, a division of EagleForce Associates, Inc., delivers the most advanced evidence-based clinical insights and business intelligence for accurate and persistent informing available today. Leveraging the security technology that has provided knowledge and analytics to both the defense and intelligence sectors for many years, EagleForce Health now brings this high pedigree of advanced analytics, information sharing, security, and privacy to healthcare.

The patented methodologies and technologies used by EagleForce Health bring disruptive innovation to an industry that has long been restrained by the inability to seamlessly and cost-effectively capture unstructured data. EagleForce Health’s proprietary data capture systems gather structured, unstructured and semi-structured data for aggregation, integration, and analysis and in real-time or close to real-time. By combining unstructured data with hundreds of contextual factors, such as geospatial, temporal, age, weight, race, and co-morbid conditions, EagleForce Health has developed some of the most sophisticated disease ontologies in the world. The result is more accurate and comprehensive insights for decision support and intelligent allocation of resources.

Our innovative approach uses a combination of systems, including:

  • Statistics, Algorithm, and Rules-based analysis
  • Proprietary disease ontologies
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Cloud Computing methodology
  • Wireless communications architectures
  • Universal adapter based on all 2,400+ elements of the HL-7
  • Highest security and information sharing credentials in the world


About Freedmen’s Health

Freedmen’s Health is a population health management firm.  The company specializes in providing solutions to address the needs of vulnerable older adults.  The Freedmen’s Health Team is currently deploying statewide care innovation models in the following States and Regions – Maryland, Alabama, Western New York, Houston, TX, and Dallas, TX that address the medical, social, and behavioral needs of older adults and persons with disability.