Seat Pleasant is governed by a Mayor and City Council who are elected by the people of the City. The Mayor and City Council acting together are the Governing Body. All Governing Body members serve four-year terms. The Governing Body, being the elected representative of the people, adopts all ordinances and resolutions and determines the general goals and policies. City Council meets on the Second Monday of every month at 7:00PM and 6:00PM on the first Monday. At City Hall.

Hon. Kelly Porter- At Large

 Kelly Porter was born in Washington, DC and moved to New York at a young age where he attended the New York Public School System and graduated from State University New York, Binghamton with a Bachelor Science in Business Administration. While attending college, Mr. Porter worked and directed his own radio program within the Afro-Latin Department of WHRW-FM radio. Mr. Porter returned to the Washington Metropolitan Area to pursue a career related to his field of studies, during which time he performed with the District of Columbia Black Repertory Theatre for several years. He took on positions with IBM, Panasonic /Sharp, and Retail Sales and Management. Mr. Porter is the Owner of a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Franchise with locations in Washington, DC, and Maryland. In addition to owning his own business, he is currently employed with Giant Food Stores.

Mr. Porter is a licensed Real Estate Consultant in Maryland. He was elected to the City Council of Seat Pleasant in 1996 as Councilmember of Ward IV and elected as Councilmember-At-Large in September 2000, which is a seat he currently holds. Mr. Porter has resided in Seat Pleasant for over 20 years.  Mr. Porter’s concern has always been for Seat Pleasants’ heightened positive awareness and prosperity within the State and the surrounding Metropolitan area. He advocates the policy of TEAM work (Together Each Achieves More). Mr. Porter has been affiliated with Local and National organizations since 1996 to current, such as National League of Cities, National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, Sheriff Explorers Program, Economic Development/Advisory and Steering Committees (NLC), Maryland Board of Realtors, Legislative, Economic, Communication and State Board Committee (MML) Maryland Municipal League, Former Member of Prince Georges Chamber of Commerce, Local Government Advisory Committee for Chesapeake Bay, (Governors Appointment), Local 400 Union Sharp Steward, Board Member of Leadership Training Institute(NLC) and a member of Tri-Area Civic Association. Mr. Porter has notable sponsors and co-sponsors Achievement such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificate of Leadership Institute (NLC), University of Maryland Academy of Excellence-Fellow (MML).

Hon. Shireka McCarthy-At Large

Shireka McCarthy was elected on September 12, 2016, as Councilmember-At-Large becoming the youngest person elected to serve the City of Seat Pleasant. Ms. McCarthy is a proud native of Prince George’s County Maryland. She has been a resident of Seat Pleasant for 10 years. Ms. McCarthy attended Coppin State University where she received her Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) in 2012 and Howard University where she received her Masters of Social Work (MSW) in 2015. Ms. McCarthy is a licensed graduate social worker (LGSW) in the District of Columbia, where she specializes in community mental health treatment. Ms. McCarthy is proud to be a first-generation college student.  Ms. McCarthy’s journey and education have taught her integrity and the importance of human relationships. The principles of the social work profession are precisely the foundation of her compassion, drive, and emphasis on change. Ms. McCarthy is involved in a number of community and church organizations. Ms. McCarthy is the chair of the Public Safety Committee, and a committee member of Human Services, Health and Education and Budget and Finance. 

Ward I

Hon. Lamar Maxwell

Councilman Lamar Maxwell has been an active Seat Pleasant, Maryland native for 30 years. Mr. Maxwell is a product of the Prince George’s County Schools system and graduated from Prince George’s Community College School of Hybrid Technology. Councilman Maxwell has a true appreciation for his family and the engagement of his community. Because of his dedication to his community, Lamar is an active member of the Mt. Victory Baptist Church in Seat Pleasant where he serves on several ministries, including the Male Chorus, Voices of Victory, Young Men’s Sunday School, and Usher Ministry.

He has built several community partnerships such as volunteering with Seat Pleasant Elementary school, the Seat Pleasant Civic Association, Q’s Barbershop and the Mt. Victory Baptist Church Community Outreach Ministry. Maxwell is so engaged and comfortable with his family and Seat Pleasant residents that he is affectionately known as “Mardi”. Mr. Lamar Maxwell recognizes the time has come for us to stand together and make the city a better place. He understands that the choices made in our city affect each and every one of us. His plan is to bridge the gap between the city’s government and its residents in order to establish and maintain democracy through transparency and tangible results. His motto is “Taking Seat Pleasant to the MAX so we all can live WELL.”

Ward II

Hon. Hope Love

Councilmember, Hope Love, Ward II was appointed by the City Council in 2017. She is a native of Washington, DC and moved to Seat Pleasant in 2002. Love has developed a relationship with many of her neighbors; especially senior citizens, who she affectionately refers to as the “rock” of the neighborhood. Ms. Love learned early on the importance of work ethic and has mastered longevity in the workplace. She has over 45 years of experience, working for agencies such as the United States Postal Service, The Washington Post, and Amtrak. 

While at Amtrak, Hope works as a crew dispatcher. She believes her skills as communications personnel, responsible for transmitting pure and reliable messages, has prepared her to engage her residents in ways that have never been done before. Ms. Love is an active member of the Way of the Cross Church, where she is the Director of the Gospel Chorus Choir, the Seat Pleasant Citizens for Public Safety Advisor Council, and has also served two terms as an elected board member of her union. Councilmember Love chairs the Human Services, Health, and Education Committee, a member of the Finance & Budget and Public Works and Transportation Committees.

Ward III

Hon. Reveral L. Yeargin, Council President

Reveral L. Yeargin in September 1996 became the representative for the residents in Ward III. Mr. Yeargin moved to the City of Seat Pleasant in March 1990 as a first time home buyer. Mr. Yeargin chose this area out of four other locations within the Metropolitan Area. After moving to the community, it has instantly exceeded his expectation. The neighbors, police and public works staff and the Councilmember Evelyn Chase, they all welcome me into the community and in 1995 Ms. Chase inspired me to become the next representative for Ward III, and at that point, I had taken the challenge to meet every resident within Ward III. Councilman Yeargin was the youngest person to be elected as Councilperson in 1996. Mr. Yeargin had introduced numerous pieces of legislation that was passed such as Animal Control and Street Control devices, Street humps to promote resident safety.   I had taken the initiative to make the resident aware of our services by riding with the Public Works Department, Public Safety and Code Enforcement, which encouraged me to write an article on the insight of the Departments. Due to the article we have changed the way we implement business within the City of Seat Pleasant. Mr. Yeargin hosted an annual prayer breakfast from 1996-2001 for Ward III residents. Mr. Yeargin had become a student in the political arena by seeking improvement efforts through training at Maryland Municipal League and the National League of Cities by connecting and communicating with other colleagues locally and abroad with an effort to beautify the community by changing the façade of the business community. Mr. Yeargin was the Region III Director in 1999 for the National Black Caucus of local Elected Official.

Mr. Yeargin is presently one of the senior members on the Council and still looking for newer ways of governing the affairs of our City, so we may continue to stay efficient in spending tax payer dollars, by monitoring the activities of the Public Safety Department and making sure the Public Works Department is on top of the cleanliness of our City. Mr. Yeargin has introduced legislation to change the name of a road to Barack Obama Road to recognize the accomplishment of those who have achieved higher standards in the national political arena. Councilman Yeargin was a candidate for County Council in 2002. Mr. Yeargin is inspired to go further in his political career in either, County Council, Delegate and Senator as a representative for the 24th Legislative District.


Ward IV

Hon. Charl Jones

Councilwoman Charl Jones is a longtime resident of the City of Seat Pleasant. Ms. Jones is a product of the Prince Georges County School System, attending school at Seat Pleasant Elementary school in the 60’s and currently resides in the Village of Highland Gardens Community in Ward 4. She has more than 30 years of experience in the Information Technology Arena supporting various Federal Government Agencies as well as Private Industry. Charl Jones has served on the City Council for 10 years, as the representative for Ward IV and as an At-Large Councilmember.

Councilwoman Jones has always been engaged in the community and has always placed herself in a position to help those in need. She has been a part of organizations such as the NAACP, International Who’s Who of Information Technology and has also been a Notary Public for the state of Maryland. She is looking forward to assisting in the legislation that will move “A  Smart City of Excellence” into the 21st century using todays and future technologies to serve the constituents.

Ward V

Hon. Gloria L. Sistrunk

Councilmember Gloria L. Sistrunk, Ward V, was elected to office on September 12, 2016. Ms. Sistrunk is the daughter of Former Councilmember Virginius V. Williams a second-generation Councilmember for Ward V. Ms. Sistrunk has been a resident of Seat Pleasant for 53 years. Ms. Sistrunk was born in Washington, D.C., at Walter Reed Medical Center to a military father the late Virginius Gene Williams and Jackie Williams. Ms. Sistrunk retired from Amtrak (National Passenger Railroad Association) in December 2011 after 37 years. She worked her way from Receptionist to Senior Officer Equipment Scheduling through education, hard work, dedication, and training.

Ms. Sistrunk has been involved in the community and politics since 1994 with CDCFC. Ms. Sistrunk was elected to fill the term of President in 1999 for the 7th Councilmanic District Constituent Fund Committee (CDCFC), where she remained the president for twelve (12) years. Ms. Sistrunk serves as a Volunteer Assistant, Administration Office, St. Stephen Baptist Church, Temple Hills, MD 20748. Ms. Sistrunk is involved in a number of other community service organizations. She is a current member of Seat Pleasant Citizens for Public Safety Advisory Council (CPAC). Councilwoman Sistrunk is the chair of Governmental Affairs and Technology and a committee member of Public Safety, Economic Development, Planning, and Housing.