Economic Development

Roles + Responsibilities

The Economic Development Department is responsible for providing services for business placement, retention, expansion, and recruitment while creating programs dedicated to the betterment of the community and workforce.

Billion (USD) Gross Regional Product


Increase in Grants Revenue (2017-19)


Increase in Grants Revenue (2017-19)

Billion (USD) Gross Regional Product

Revolving Loan Fund

The purpose of the ED-RLF is to assist with business financial needs that will create and retain employment opportunities in the City of Seat Pleasant; with major emphasis on employment for persons from low-to-moderate income households.

Application Info

  • Applications are accepted year-round
  • Applicants must be Seat Pleasant residents or business owners within the corporate limits of the city

Eligible Uses Include:


  • Land Acquisition (in conjunction with building purchase or construction)
  • Purchase and Installation of Machinery and Equipment
  • Working Capital (direct labor cost of inventory only)
Smart City Project

The City is constructing a newer, more modern City Hall facility, as well as redeveloping the Public Works building that is technologically advanced. This project is completely funded through a development loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The City Council designated Seat Pleasant as a “Smart City” with an “Innovation Village.” As a Smart City, Seat Pleasant will offer services that are better, faster and more personalized, making it a City for Me using information and communication technology with the Internet of Things.

The Smarter City initiative for Seat Pleasant will employ cloud-based “internet of things” (IOT) and cognitive computing capabilities that collect Big Data and are affordable by Small Town USA, where 80% of Americans live. Remember, Data Drives Decisions! For example, the Smart City Initiative will provide free Wi-Fi Internet within the City, set up accelerators and business incubators for aspiring entrepreneurs, and focus on bringing innovative ideas across a broad spectrum of age groups.

As a City focused on capturing as much “Big Data” as possible, the new City Hall will feature an Intelligent Operations Center (IOC). This Center will be able to capitalize on new insights, create system-wide efficiencies and collaborate in new ways with business and citizen participation. Economic prosperity through citizen involvement is an achievable goal, as the City takes a more hands-on and proactive approach to development. With the Smart City and Innovation Village model, Seat Pleasant will position itself to attract entities that will help to bolster its economic growth. It will leverage technology and inventive development to attract private sector investments; thereby creating an opportunity to invigorate the local economy.

Seat Pleasant's Smart City Hall- 2021

Smart Public Works Department- 2021

Enterprise Zone Certification

Maryland’s enterprise zone program provides real property and state income tax credits in return for job creation and investments. In order to claim this tax credit, a business must be certified

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