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Learn About Our Mission

The Seat Pleasant Police Department is committed to the protection of life, property, and public service to the citizens of Seat Pleasant. We are dedicated to those persons employed in and who travel to and through the City of Seat Pleasant. The Seat Pleasant Police Department values the quality of life while continuing to ensure public trust and cultural sensitivity while continuing to implement the community-oriented policing policy.

Our vision of the Seat Pleasant Police Department is a city, free from crime and the fear of crime, where people and police are working together to improve their neighborhoods. The City of Seat Pleasant Police Department is a first-rate organization, where solid values are deeply imbedded into every member; and where members work with the latest technologies and facilities. Employees are led by well-trained, attentive first-line supervisors and supported by community members, support staff, and work systems designed to enhance their effectiveness at all intervals.

We envision a fully diversified organization that operates with clearly defined goals and objectives that are fully endorsed and ingrained at every level by its employees and the community. We envision a strong workforce of employees and community members who are proud of the organization and committed to continuous improvement.





Policies + Procedures

The Seat Pleasant Police Department, in compliance with Maryland HB 1016, has posted here its General Order Manual which we have adopted from the Prince George’s County Police Department. This document, as its title states, is general and fluid, so that it provides discretion according to the many varied situations encountered by police personnel, yet the ability to change with the laws of the land. We also have (redacted) removed those details that may compromise citizens and officers safety, as well as compromise tactical advantage, that would greatly reduce the SPPD’s ability to meet its obligations to reduce crime.

Emergency Preparedness

The preservation of life, property, and the environment is an inherent responsibility of local, state, and federal government. As part of the Prince George’s County Operational Area, The City of Seat Pleasant has adopted the County’s comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan which will guide our response during emergencies. 


Stay updated. Download  The SPPD Annual and Monthly Reports

SP-PAL Program

The Seat Pleasant Police Department is active in engaging with the community through fun and educational programs and events. Navigate below to learn more about the PAL program. 

SP-PAL Hangouts

SP-PAL Hangout is a meeting and mentoring program for children and youth in Seat Pleasant. Activities include weekly lessons on issues youth in our community faces such as bullying, tolerance, nutrition, leadership, cyber-safety, and fitness. Students who participate in SP-PAL Hangouts also receive academic tutoring and assistance from members of the Seat Pleasant Police Department.  

SP-PAL Summer Camp & Lego Week

SP-PAL Summer Camp is a multi-week program that consists of focused activities in basketball, baseball, flag football, and a one-week SMART Lego Camp. The program shares the mission and principles of SP-PAL Hangouts, which is promoting the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building relationships among kids, cops and community though positive engagement. SP-PAL builds a bridge between our police officers and our community’s youth while providing a safe alternative to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gang activity. 

The Lego Week consists of youth being separating into groups and participating in competitive themed Lego builds. From there, children are taught about small city sustainability and how to construct critical buildings for their cities. These builds are judged by Seat Pleasant Police Department staff. The exercises are designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving, as well as teach how to work within regulated time constraints. There is an average of 30 children who participate in SP-PAL Summer Camp and Lego week. Each child is sent home with 5 pounds of Legos at the completion of the camp.

SP-PAL Athletics

SP-PAL Athletics offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities for our youth. These opportunities include, but are not limited to our youth basketball teams, which are in their 2nd season in the Prince George’s County Inter-Center Youth Basketball League. SP-PAL basketball teams are free to residents ages 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13 & up. The basketball season is from November to March of each year. All games are held on Saturday Mornings at varying Prince George’s County Recreation Centers. The SP-PAL Basketball teams average 25 Seat Pleasant youth each season. 


SP-PAL also includes a flag football team, which is also entering its 2nd season. This team is for elementary school-aged youth in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Each team consists of 20 children and offers a study hall as well as athletic activity to ensure youth maintain a balance of athletics and academics. Flag football season is from February to May of each year. The weekly games are held in Bowie, Maryland.  SP-PAL won the 2019 Championship, under the mentorship of Officer Melvin Brown.

SP-PAL D.A.R.E. (Drop Everything and Read)

In this daily program, which began in September 2018, Seat Pleasant Police Officers are assigned a class of elementary-aged students to read to. Officers also interact with and answer questions that the students have. This program allows us to build trust and foster positive relationships between youth and law enforcement. Seat Pleasant Police Officers spend an average of 100 hours reading to Seat Pleasant Elementary School students per school year.

Seat Pleasant Elementary Staff vs. Seat Pleasant Police Department Basketball Games

This yearly event is a huge hit with the students of Seat Pleasant Elementary School. Each year the members of the staff at Seat Pleasant Elementary School suit up and play a game of basketball against the Seat Pleasant Police Department. Not only is the game a lot of fun, but it is an opportunity for the residents and community stakeholders to engage with the Police Department and build upon the foundation of trust we have with the community. This year the Department will use this game as a fundraiser for the SP-PAL program.


The benefits of joining these teams are age-appropriate socialization, learning to face adversity as a team, learning to deal with losing as well as how to be a gracious winner, confidence and self-esteem building, hand/eye/foot coordination, learning how to strategize, discipline, and fitness. We have a yearly retention rate of 85%. In the future, SP-PAL Athletics is hoping to expand its membership to 100 youths and add martial arts and track & field to its programming.

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