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Mayor’s office

Mayor Eugene W. Grant


Welcome to the official website of the City of Seat Pleasant: “A Smart City of Excellence”. This page has been designed to Engage, Educate, and Empower. Here, you will be able to access information pertaining to our Legislative and Administrative arms of government that will help you learn more about Seat Pleasant. Additionally, you will learn about our past accomplishments, current projects, and future goals. In 2016, the City Council voted to designate Seat Pleasant a Smart City making it the WORLD’S FIRST AUTHENTIC SMALL SMART CITY. The Smart City initiative will employ cloud-based “internet of things” (IOT) and cognitive computing capabilities scaled to a size affordable by Small Town USA, where most Americans live. We are currently working with subject matter experts where information is available to anyone at any time to improve their lives. To that end, Seat Pleasant: “A Smart City of Excellence” will be one that is better, faster and one that provides personalized Citizen Services, making it a “City for Me.” As a small American municipality, we are challenged every day with finding ways to deliver services effectively and efficiently and provide meaningful and innovative methods to engage our citizenry. To that end, we are on the journey. With a substantial loan from USDA Rural Development positioning us to transform our city and significantly better serve our people. Seat Pleasant is becoming a place where you can live, work, play and want to stay. The future is now for Seat Pleasant and we invite you to join us on our journey.

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About The Mayor

Mayor Eugene W. Grant has been leading the City of Seat Pleasant, MD, “A Smart City of Excellence” through successful innovative methods and providing executive municipal leadership since 2004.

In 2017, Mayor Grant signed an agreement with IBM to build a $30 million cloud-based, Intelligent Operations Center in the City of Seat Pleasant, a Smart City of Excellence. This multi-year endeavor will elevate Seat Pleasant to become the FIRST AUTHENTIC SMALL SMART CITY in the world.

In addition to this significant accomplishment, Mayor Grant successfully petitioned the United States Department of Agriculture to designate Seat Pleasant as a “Rural Community,” potentially giving the city access to millions of dollars of federal grants and funding. Because of the Mayor’s continual efforts, he is currently using $4.1 million in Rural Development financing to remodel City Hall and the Maintenance Building into Smart Buildings.

Mayor Grant has automated the city’s Finance Department, increasing accountability and transparency to the citizens. Seat Pleasant is also the first small city in the state of Maryland to utilize Budgeting for Outcomes, which has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the Finance Department. His leadership created the opportunity for Seat Pleasant to become the first city in the country to obtain security clearance to fly police drones in the No Fly Zone over the nation’s capital, optimizing the city’s ability to provide better safety to the region during times of uncertainty.

As the principle promoter for Seat Pleasant, a Smart City of Excellence, Mayor Grant has presented his vision for a center of innovation, information, and investment in front of some of the world’s leading tech companies, emerging tech companies specializing in the Internet of Things and potential impact and social impact investors and angel investors.

In 2017, Mayor Grant has promoted the city as a model for other small cities, towns, and  villages at the United Nations Headquarters in New York; spoken at panels at Smart Cities Week in California and Washington, D.C. and with the American Association of Blacks in Energy; presented the FIRST ever TEDx Talk presentation in the history of the Maryland Municipal Summer Conference; and, presented potential strategic partnerships with Harrisburg University and Oklahoma University to continue to build upon the foundation establishing Seat Pleasant as a Smart City of Excellence.

Roles & Responsibilities

Assuring city services are delivered to citizens in an effective, efficient, & equitable manner. Serving as a catalyst for developing community-wide goals and mobilizing the resources to attain them. Serving as the primary outreach arm of the City government to other government entities.