Center For Government Synergism Application

In an effort for us to adequately understand your City’s needs, challenges and priorities, and how to best implement a Smart City Transformation Strategy tailored for your specific City, please take a few minutes to complete the following application. Thank you!

Please enter the name of your City (or Organization)
Please enter your role or position at your City (or Organization)
Please enter the approximate population of your city
Example: The City of Seat Pleasant had a major problem with Vacant Housing
Example: At Seat Pleasant, finding a solution to address blight was a top priority
Example: The cities of Bladensburg MD, Colmar Manor MD, Cottage City MD, and Edmonston MD have formed a Union known as the “Port Towns”, focused on addressing common challenges and objectives
Example: At Seat Pleasant, our Code Enforcement and Department of Public Works using a work order management system called GovQA and the Finance Department uses a software suite called NetSuite