Seat Pleasant

City CodeS

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City Codes

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Chapter 1 General Provisions.pdfDownload 
Chapter 6-Checks.pdfDownload 
Chapter 10 Code Enforce Officers.pdfDownload 
Chapter 12 City Hall.pdfDownload 
Chapter 14 Department and Committees.pdfDownload 
Chapter 16 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.pdfDownload 
Chapter 18 Ethics.pdfDownload 
Chapter 22 Legislation, Adoption of.pdfDownload 
Chapter 26 Meetings.pdfDownload 
Chapter 30 Personnel Appeals Board.pdfDownload 
Chapter 31 Personnel Policies.pdfDownload 
Chapter 35 Police Department.pdfDownload 
Chapter 39 Purchasing.pdfDownload 
Chapter 41 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.pdfDownload 
Chapter 43-Voting .pdfDownload 
Chapter 47 Adult Entertainment.pdfDownload 
Chapter 50-Alcoholic Beverages.pdfDownload 
Chapter 54-Animals.pdfDownload 
Chapter 59-Brush, Grass and Trees.pdfDownload 
Chapter 63 Building Construction.pdfDownload 
Chapter 67 Buildings Unfit; Property Maintenance.pdfDownload 
Chapter 68-Commercial Business District .pdfDownload 
Chapter 70-Wireless Facilities .pdfDownload 
Chapter 71 Cable Television.pdfDownload 
Chapter 75 Curfew.pdfDownload 
Chapter 80 Entertainment, Public.pdfDownload 
Chapter 84 Firearms and Fireworks.pdfDownload 
Chapter 88 Fire Prevention.pdfDownload 
Chapter 96 Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control.pdfDownload 
Chapter 101 Health and Sanitation.pdfDownload 
Chapter 107-Licensing and Permits.pdfDownload 
Chapter 110 Municipal Infractions.pdfDownload 
Chapter 112 Noise.pdfDownload 
Chapter 114 Nuisance Properties.pdfDownload 
Chapter 115-Seat Pleasant Housing Trust and Revolving Loan Fund.pdfDownload 
Chapter 116 Parks.pdfDownload 
Chapter 118 Loitering.pdfDownload 
Chapter 125 Sewers and Sewage Disposal.pdfDownload 
Chapter 129 Solid Waste.pdfDownload 
Chapter 131 Special Events.pdfDownload 
Chapter 133 Stormwater Management.pdfDownload 
Chapter 137 Streets and Sidewalks.pdfDownload 
Chapter 141 Street Vendors.pdfDownload 
Chapter 145 Taxation.pdfDownload 
Chapter 148-Vacant Property Registration.pdfDownload 
Chapter 150-Vehicles and Traffic .pdfDownload 
Chapter 154 Vehicles, Storage of.pdfDownload 
Chapter 160 Yard Sales.pdfDownload