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How to Download the New and Improved MySeatPleasant App

The App is available on both Android and Apple Devices.

Your Health Matters!

Stay on top of your health. Visit the “Your Health” page on the app! Learn about financial literacy, Women’s health, Hypertension prevention and more!

Get To Know Mayor Grant!

Get in contact with Mayor Eugene Grant. Visit his page on the app and read up on his accomplishments or send him a message!

In the Know!

Stay up-to-date with current and upcoming events in Seat Pleasant. Engage and help better your community by attending City Hall Meetings, or enjoy a night out on the block!


Whether you’re looking for a change or advancing in your field, browse current open positions in Prince George’s County and Seat Pleasant in the Non-profit, Government and Private Sectors. Apply today on the “Employment Opportunities” page!

Get Smart

Join us on our journey while we continue to grow as a small-smart city! Discover what it takes, learn about smart cities, and track our progress through video interviews with our city leaders.


For Android devices, visit the Google Play Store.

For Apple/iOs, visit the app store.