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Seat Pleasant


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City Ordinances


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Ordinance O-19-05 Amendment of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget for Community Legacy Grant Funding for Seat Pleasant Vacant Homes Revitilization.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-19-04 Amendment of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget for City Expenditure.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-19-03 Emergency Ordinance to Establish Standard for Small Wireless Facilities in the Rights of Way.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-09 Amendment of Chapter 63-Building Construction.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-19-02 Amendment of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 for Ethics, Personnel Appeals Board and Smart City Advisory Board.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-18 Amendment of Chapter 39-Purchasing.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-17 FY2017-2018 Budget Amendment for Legal Matters.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-16 Amendment of Chapter 160-Yard Sales.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-15 Adoption of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-14 Chapter 68-Commercial Business District.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-12 Amendment of Chapter 10-Code Enforcement.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-11 Chapter 113 Seat Pleasant Economic and Community Development Corporation.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-10 Chapter 15-Creation and Establishment of The Seat Pleasant Investment Corporation Entity (S.P.I.C.E.).pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-06 Amendment of Chapter 18-Ethics.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-05 Amendment of FY2017-2018 Budget for NPAL Grant.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-04 Amendment of FY17-18 Cops Grant.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-03 Chapter 63-Building Construction.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-02 Amendment of Chapter 148-Vacant Property Registration.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-18-01 Amendment of Chapter 150-Vehicles and Traffic.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-22.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-21.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-20.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-19 Amendment of Chapter 107-Licensing.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-18 Amendment of FY2016-2017 Budget for Police and Public Engagement Departments.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-17 Amendment of Chapter 59-Brush Grass and Trees.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-16 Amendment of Chapter 50-Alcoholic Beverages.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-15 Amendment of Chapter 54-Animals.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-14 Approved Budget Amendment for FY2016-2017 for the Automation of the Finance Department and the Budgeting.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-13 Establishment of Seat Pleasant Housing Trust Fund and Revolving Loan Fund.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-11 Amendmentof Chapter 14-Departments and Committees.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-10 Amemdmentof Ordinance O-17-04 for Project Definition Modification.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-09 FY2016-2017 Budget Amendment for Smart City Project Police Vehicles and Speed Camera Revenue.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-08 Amendment of Chapter 12-City Hall.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-06 Amendment of Chapter 6-Checks.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-05 Amendment of FY2016-2017 Budget for Salary Inccrease for Mayor Council and Executive Assistant Position.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-04 Approval to Finance for Reimbursement of the Smart City Project for the City Hall and Public Works Renovation.docx.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-03 Amendment of Chapter 150 Vehicles and Traffic Red Camera Enforcement Program.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-17-02 Amendment of Chapter 150 Vehicles and Traffic Speed Camera School Zone Speed Enforcement.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-11 Amendment of FY2015-2016 Seat Pleasant Green Initiatives.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-10 Amendment of FY2015-2016 Budget for a Technical Writer.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-08 Adoption of Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-06 FY2015-2016 Budget Amendment for Open Space and CDBG Grant Funding.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-03 Budget Amendment FY2015-2016 for Website Upgrade.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-02 Chapter 148-Vacant Property Registration.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-16-01 Amendment of Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-09 Adopt FY2015-2016 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-08 Chapter 101-Health and Sanitation.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-07 Chapter 118-Loitering.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-06 Amendment of Chapter 150-Vehicles and Traffic-Collection of Outstanding Fees and Fines.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-05 Amendment of Chapter 30-Personnel Appeals Board.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-04 Amendment of Chapter 18-Ethics.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-03 An Ordinance to enact a new Chapter 12-City Hall.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-02 Chapter 116-Parks.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-15-01 Amendment of Chapter 150-Vehicles and Traffic.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-14 Adoption of FY2014-2015 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-14 Adoption of FY2014-2015 Budget (1).pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-11 Amendment of the FY2013-2014 for the purchase of 5718 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-10 Personnel Rules and Regulations Manual.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-09 Approving the MOU between Seat Pleasant and Prince George's County.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-08 FY2013-2014 Budget Amendment for Contractual Services and City Administrator Contingency.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-07 Chapter 6-Checks.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-06 FY2013-2014 Budget Amendment for Traffic Study.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-05 FY2013-2014 Budget Amendment for Property Demolition.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-04 Chapter 67-Property Maintenance.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-03 Chapter 59 Brush Grass and Weeds.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-02 FY2013-2014 Budget Amendment for Legal Fees and Porta Potty.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-14-01 FY2013-2014 Budget Amendment for Police and Public Works Department.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-11 Adoption of FY2013-2014 Budget.PDFDownload 
Ordinance O-13-10 FY2012-2013 Budget Amendment for Lobbyist.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-09 FY2012-2013 budget amendment for the purchase of the iPads.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-08 Purchasing Requirements.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-07 FY2012-2013 Budget Amendment for Microphone Upgrades.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-06 Personnel Rules and Regulations Manual.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-05 FY2012-2013 Budget for Chief of Police Salary Upgrade.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-04 Special Events Permitting Policies and Procedures.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-03 Amendment of FY2013 for the Purchase of a Code Enforcement Vehicle.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-02 Amendment of FY2013 for the purchase of four Police Vehicles.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-13-01 City Park Rules and Regulations.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-20 Amendment of FY2012 Budget for Public Works.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-18 Adoption of FY2013 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-17 Amendment of FY2012 Budget for the purchase of a Codw Enforcement Vehicle.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-15 Mid-Year Budget Amendment of the FY2011-2012.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-14 Budget Amendment of the FY2011-2012 Budget for the Public Works Department.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-13 Amendment of FY2011-2012 Budget for Maryland Energy Lighting Grant.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-12 Amending Chapter XI of the Personnel Rules and Regulations Manual.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-11 Chapter 18 Ethics-Amendment.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-10 City Personnel Rules And Regulations.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-09 Parking Stopping and Standing Restrictions and Regulations.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-07 Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 for Public Safety.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-06 Amendment of Fiscal Year Budget for SPPD.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-05 Chapter 160 Yard Sales.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-04 Absentee Voting.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-03 Chapter 18 Ethics.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-12-02 Chapter 141 Street Vending.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-09 Amendment of FY 2010-2011 Budget for Public Safety.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-08 Adoption of FY2011-2012 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-07 Amendment of FY 2011 Budget Council Contingency Revenue from Speed Camera's.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-06 Amendment of FY2010-2011 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-05 Public Works Fees & Charges.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-04 Commercial Truck Route.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-03 School Zone Speed Monitoring System Fees.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-02 School Zone Speed Monitoring System.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-11-01 Amendment of FY2010-2011 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-11 Chronic Nuisance Properties.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-10 Adoption of FY2010-2011 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-09 Emergency Extension of FY2009-2010 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-08 FY2009-2010 Budget Amendment.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-07 Chapter 67 Property Maintenance.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-06 Budget Amendment FY2009-2010 021210.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-05 FY2009-2010 Budget Amendment.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-04 Amendment of FY2009-2010 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-10-02 Amendment of FY2009-2010 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-10 Adoption of FY2009-2010 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-09 Extension of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-08 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-07 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-05 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-04 Personsonnel Hiring and Transfers-Budgetary Appropriation and Position Allocation.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-02 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-09-01 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-09 Adoption of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-08 Extension of FY2007-2008 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-04 Seat Pleasant Police Department Probationary Period and Secondary Employment.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-03 Obstruction of Public Places.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-02 Retail Food Establishment and Litter Control.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-08-01 Budget Amendment of FY2007-2008 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-07 Seat Pleasant Annual Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-06 Seat Pleasant Budget Amendment FY2008.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-05 Adopt FY2007-2008 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-04 Seat Pleasant Police Department Reserve Officer Program.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-03 Budget Amendment FY2006-2007.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-02 Cable Television Franchise-Verizon.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-07-01 Cable Franchise Application Fee.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-06-05 Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Budget Amendment.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-06-02 Adoption of Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-06-01 Cable Television Franchise Fee.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-05-05 concerning chapter 150 vehicles and traffic.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-05-04 concerning chronic nuisance properties.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-05-03 adopt budget for FY 2005-2006.pdfDownload 
Ordinance O-05-02 Chapter 54-Animals.pdfDownload 
Ordinance 93-01 Adoption of FY1993-1994 Budget.pdfDownload 
Ordinance 06-01 Chapter 67 Property Maintenance.pdfDownload 
Emergency Ordinance O-14-13 Amendment of FY13-14 Budget for Modular Building.pdfDownload 
Emergency Ordinance O-14-13 Amendment of FY13-14 Budget for Modular Building (1).pdfDownload 
Emergency Ordinance O-12-08 Chapter 150 Vehicles and Traffic.pdfDownload 
Emergency Ordinance O-09-06 Amendment of FY2008-2009 Budget.pdfDownload 

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