Are you ready to be counted ?

We want to ensure that all residents of Seat Pleasant, A Smart City of Excellence, are counted in the 2020 census; from infants to senior citizens and everyone in between.

According to the last unofficial population count, there 4,721 people living in Seat Pleasant. Take a Look at our numbers below. 

  • Seat Pleasant Census Responses (as of OCTOBER 15, 2020) 66.0% 66.0%



In the 2010 census, only 75% of our residents participated, totaling to 3,450 people. 



25% of Seat Pleasant Residents were uncounted, representing a total of 1,181 of our population.


Our Goal

We have set ur goal for Seat Pleasant reaching an 80% participation rate for the 2020 Census, that’s 3,776 people. 

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