Tax Incentive Package

With these designations, The City of Seat Pleasant offers many tax benefits and investing opportunity tools to investors, businesses and developers who are interested in starting or expanding a business in the city, spurring economic development in the city, and investing jobs and businesses in the city.

  1. Opportunity Zones
  2. MD Focused Enterprise Zone
  3. Sustainable Community
  4. Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ)
  5. Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone
  6. Local Level Tax Incentive
  7. State Level Tax Incentive
  8. Federal Level Tax Incentive
  9. Business Owners Tax Incentives

The City of Seat Pleasant was marked as an Opportunity Zone by the United States Treasury Department and the Governor of Maryland as of June 2018. This entitles investors with high, unrealized capital gains to cash in the appreciation of their gains while deferring the taxes on the gains If they redirect these gains into properties located in areas approved as Opportunity Zones. The following Illustration reveals that a $100,000 investment of the proceeds from a realized capital gain from the sale of stock or any other qualified financial asset into a Qualified Opportunity Fund to purchase or renovate Opportunity Zones Property located in the City of Seat Pleasant for 10 years with a 15% annual rate of return, will generate $189,228 more cash than paying the capital gain tax of 37% and investing the remainder at 15% into a traditional investment.

Returns Offered by the Opportunity Zone