Environmental Justice Department Magazine

Waste Management Division

Beginning July 1st, 2020, Mayor Eugene W Grant, The Seat Pleasant City Council, and the dedicated employees of The City of Seat Pleasant are launching new and improved services in celebration of the newly founded Environmental Justice Department (EJD): Waste Management Division.

In continuing our efforts for smarter services for our residents, we've obtained new state-of-the-art equipment, more advanced features, and have established more efficient waste management services.

In doing so, we've published our new EJD Magazine (PDF). This publication serves as a visual reference of services and features pertaining to The Waste Management Division and as a guide of schedule of services. The publication is available as a free download here on our site and is arriving in your mailbox in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please use this page to learn more about your new smart(er) services read a personal message from Mayor Grant.

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Smarter Equipment, Smarter Service

Beginning July 1st, 2020, The City of Seat Pleasant will operate the new Loadmaster Legacy 3 to 20 Yard Loader. Our new Waste Management vehicle is powered by "3rd Eye." The 3rd Eye Cam will capture our drivers' actions, allowing us to provide safe, secure, and efficient service to residents while identifying and assessing possible risk factors. In addition, our new top-of-the-line operating system is equipped with safety features such as Sign Detection and a Smart Reporting Data System, which will ensure that our team will operate in compliance with state-mandated speed limits while collecting critical data so that we proactively and continuously improve our service. View the spread on pages 10 and 11!

New Trash & Recycling Containers for Residents

Brand new! We've heard your concerns and value your opinion. In doing so, we're proud to announce that you'll be receiving a new trash container as well as a new recycling container for your house. Residents who live in homes qualifying for collection services will receive color coded wheeled containers.

Featured on pages 12 and 13 is information regarding your new container, as well as information on our new Street Sweeper vehicle and Smart "Big Belly" public trash and recycling containers, strategically placed throughout the city.

Schedule Bulk Trash Pick up

As a Smart City of Excellence, we've made it easier and smarter for you to get in touch. By downloading and registering your account on the My Seat Pleasant App, you'll be able to schedule your bulk trash pick up right from your smart devices. Upon scheduling your appointment, a member of our team will instantly be notified. This new feature will allow us to provide a more efficient service to you. You can learn more about Bulk Trash services in addition to Yard Waste Collection services on pages 18 to 19 of your new magazine.

In addition, we understand the needs of our Senior-Citizen residents. In doing so, we've developed a special Trash and Bulk-Trash pick up service for qualifying residents (page 21).

Bulk Trash Resources

A Glimpse of the City

We've mapped it all out for you! Our publication features a full map of Seat Pleasant on page 6. Residents will be able to see their street on the map and understanding their approximate service schedule with the respective information throughout the magazine as well as being introduced to each City Councilmember. Should you have any concerns or questions pertaining to your ward, you will be able to clearly see who your City Council representative is and learn a little about them. When you receive your interactive publication, you'll be able to scan designated sections leading to more information.

Stay on Schedule

Never miss a collection day! Your new magazine lays out our schedule of services. By referencing page 8 of your magazine, you'll clearly and easily be reminded of upcoming collection days, as well as additional visual cues on page 9. We want to continue to provide excellent services to great residents like you. Should you have any questions regarding schedule of services, the publication is filled with contact information throughout.

In addition, we've also included an easy to follow Holiday Schedule reference on page 20 to better keep you informed throughout the holiday season.

Learn About Recycling

As a Smart City of Excellence, we believe that nurturing our environment and maintaining its health is directly connected to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents. To better help us serve you, we've included educational information on pages 14 to 17 regarding recycling.

In continuing our work as a citizen-centric, transparent government, we've provided information about what should and shouldn't be recycled, how to prepare recyclables before collection day as well as information about where your recycling goes.